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The more fuel and air mixture gets into the engine cylinders, the more powerful the combustion is. Which means higher torque, increased hp and overall better performance. However, naturally aspirated engines have limited amount of air and fuel that can be forced into it. That’s because of its construction and air pressure, which is a limit for the engine. Sure thing, performance chips and cold air intake systems can add certain power, yet no chip or CAI can be compared with a system that will force air into the engine. Yes, we are talking about superchargers and turbochargers that can boost hp and torque of your Hilux.


If you do not want to tolerate naturally aspirated engine performance characteristics and would like to get more out of your engine, it is a good idea to think of serious power adders, such as forced induction, water methanol injection or even a nitrous oxide system. Afterwards, you may want to add a performance chip to gain maximum out of your mods. If that’s something you consider, step in and we’ll be glad to help you out! We can get literary everything for your Hilux, as we work directly with the most reputable domestic and overseas suppliers and know, how to boost performance of your Hilux. With a performance Japanese turbocharger, an upscale supercharger and a variety of purely American power adders we’ll jazz up your Hilux for you to really enjoy the drive.